Fresh & healthy

Cooking is our passion! That’s why we prepare all our food fresh daily on-site.

You have the choice between menus from all over the world, popular Swiss classics and a seasonal buffet with plenty of crispy freshness. Everything carefully prepared from the best ingredients. To keep things colourful every day, we focus on lots of variety, seasonal highlights and new creations in the menu plan.

Vegetables and fruit from nearby

We buy vegetables and fruit when they are in season in Switzerland or in neighbouring countries. When the season turns cold, we rely on vegetables from environmentally friendly greenhouses. We prefer products bearing the Suisse Garantie and IP-SUISSE labels. Our Quinoa, for example, is sourced from Switzerland, and produced according to the IP-Suisse standard.

Quality meat

Veal, beef, pork and chicken all originate from Switzerland. We focus on producers who maintain particularly high standards of well-being for their livestock.

Sustainable fish

Sustainable fish on the table! Your restaurant is MSC- and ASC-certified*. MSC stands for the long-term sustainability of fish stocks and ASC means environmentally and socially sustainable aquaculture.

*Certification number: ASC-C-00483, MSC-C-54163

Swiss meadow milk

The milk foam on your cappuccino is something quite special. The milk comes from cows kept with plenty of free range according to the IP-SUISSE standard. In the summer, the cows eat fresh grass in the meadow, while in winter their diet consists primarily of hay and grass silage. The feed is soy-free and concentrated feed is only used very sparingly.

Fairtrade: For the environment and people

We focus on fair working conditions for product and raw materials from the south. That is why you’ll find various foods and beverages exclusively manufacture of Fairtrade certified raw goods. These include SV ice tea, SV lemonade, orange juice and Bodyguard from Michel, as well as sugar sticks. In addition, you will find organic Fairtrade bananas here.

One Climate Menu

Special climate-friendly menus are also part of the ONE TWO WE sustainability programme. Several times each week you will find menus with the “ONE Climate” logo on your menu plan. Because they combine all the climate protection measures in our range: no flown-in ingredients, no meat, no vegetables from heated greenhouses and cooked with seasonal ingredients.